Saturday, June 20, 2009

Treasure Hunting

I've been busy the last few days! I have been on the hunt for treasures. My kitchen appliances were in a very sorry state. I have been using the same blender since I moved out of my mother's house. I think my sister gave it to me more than a decade ago. Recently I lost the lid and was using a plastic bowl that fit inside nicely. I would have kept going this way, happily, until my husband said, "This is driving me crazy! We need a new blender!" I thought the same thing as I was hand whisking some cake batter, "We used to have a mixer, what happened to it?" So, I made a list. I also want a food processor, canning supplies and, to top it all off, our printer died. Why do all these things happen at once? I decided this was a lot of items so I posted this message on freecycle:
Wanted: misc items. food processor, blender, working printer, canning supplies. Will pick up. Thanks, Sandy.
I went about my merry way and then, later, I received an email. A nice woman told me she had a printer as her husband had upgraded to a four in one. They had just been using it so she thought it still worked, she could even deliver (!) as she would be in my neighbourhood the next day. Would I like it? Uh, yes please! Thanks Doreen, the printer (and fax machine) work great!!
Next, I went to my trusty thrift store with my list. I found a nice blender, a better brand than the one I was using with a glass, (not plastic) jar for $5. Then I saw a cordless mixer which you plug the unit in and the mixer is charged when you are ready to use it. My husband mounted it in the kitchen for me. There it is, all ready to mix my waffle batter! I also found three matching pizza pans, in new condition and a decorative letter organizer. My son got a yo-yo and two skipping ropes. These last items were not exactly on the list, but I was feeling generous. I was more than thrilled with my thirty dollar investment in kitchen convenience. When I got home I received another email. This time from a former co-worker. It said:
Sandy, saw your ad on freecycle. I have a food processor for you, call me on Sunday.
Wow, not only do I get my whole list covered for a lot less than I could have imagined, I might even get a coffee date with a friend out of the deal. Priceless.

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Jacquelyn said...

AWESOME! I love it when that happens! I'm teaching my husband that combining patience with putting out the word can save us so much money, and build social connections as well. I'll have to share this post with him. Thanks!