Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Clearing it out, starting fresh

It's gone! I wrote a bit yesterday about organizing my donation to the charity which picked up early this morning. YAY! I had this much packed up when the man got home from work. He was inspired to go through my son's room and clear out and organize the toys. We weren't totally ruthless because we have cleared out quite a bit in the last year but we stilled filled another bag that is not shown in this photo. It's great to talk about how others who need items will get benefit from once loved clothing and toys with my son. He was even willing to give up a big teddy bear he has because he thought another child might love him more than he does. I ended up keeping the bear because I wasn't quite ready to let him go yet. (Sniff.) Children are the best teachers.
Note to self : Next time, just leave the room if the boys take it upon themselves to organize. I only get in the way :)
I also fixed a broken drawer on my dresser in the closet. I wanted to get rid of this dresser, I just don't like it, especially once the drawer broke, but I am trying to wait until I find a good replacement before I give it or throw it away. I have already repainted it, and now glued the drawer back together. I think I have been resourceful enough with it! I am stalking Freecycle for another one, when the right thing comes up, I will pounce. For now, though, it is holding the clothes so I will just deal with it a little longer. The reason I didn't donate my things on Freecycle is because I have found that it is easier to post a few items at a time, specific to what people want. Most of the items I donated this time are out of season which is OK for this organization, since they will store the items until needed and then get the benefit of selling it for their charity. Usually I prefer to give away though, where I know the items won't be sold. I gave away the last of my baby furniture this way, (my highchair, baby gate and change table) and it felt good knowing that couples with new babies got my gently used things for free. I know how tight things were when I first went on mat. leave and my husband was still in school, and I was fortunate enough to receive a lot of help then with free items and gifts. What goes around comes around.
I got up this morning and put a frozen roast Into the Crockpot. I have heard that this is OK to do if you give it enough time. I'll let you know... I took out pork as a back up and it is on for tomorrow anyhow. We are a day off on the menu plan because the man went and bought hot dogs one night while I was at work instead of cooking the chicken that I had planned. Hmmm. He gave me the receipt, though, so I suppose that is progress... In general I am really enjoying the menu plan, and tracking expenses. What a weirdo huh?
As long as I don't go overboard on the obsession of it all (who me? obsessive?) it should all go well.


hustler said...

I have found that when I offer things to my friends, they have things they think I might like that they don't want. It's ususally a win-win. I also love to shop at the two local thrift stores that are non profit and support charities. I REALLY need to go through my house and just be ruthless about getting rid of stuff!

hiptobeme said...

Once I get going I find it easier and easier. It feels great to have all that extra room for new bargains!