Friday, April 22, 2011

Knit your own royals, LOL!

Ha ha ha, Check this out! I wish I was craftier and had more time. As it is, I just paste links with funny knitted royals and call them blog posts. I am off to the theatre (say theat-ah with a phony british accent) to volunteer as an usher. This is how I see the play for free ;) Back soon with an Easter post! Enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Talk about recycling!

Check out this Spring Hoodie over on Refashion Co-op. Why is it I never thought about using different pieces of clothing of similar fabric weights to put together like this? Genius? I think so!My head is spinning with ideas for spring dresses. Good on ya, Be Grim!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I love 'em! Here is my latest concoction:

Banana Citrus Smoothie:

-one frozen banana

-1/4 c lemonade

-juice of one orange

-one apple juice box (200 mls)

Blend in the Magic Bullet.

I like this one because it is non dairy and sometimes you need that, like when you have a cold.

What's your favourite blended drink?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Two yummy treats

I am making rocky road brownies. Sometimes I add walnuts, sometimes chocolate syrup, but always the marshmallows :) You can use minis, but if you only have the big ones, cut them into quarters and add to your brownie mix. Mine's from a box from the dollar store, homemade would be fine too. I find it cheaper to use a mix for brownies because I only need an egg and water, instead of all the butter and sugar.

Last night I had a hankering for an Orange Julius. Instead of schlepping to the mall, I made my own in the magic bullet. Because I added banana, I am calling mine Orange Banoolius.

Here's what I did:

juiced two oranges (good for the wrinkly ones)

added frozen banana chunks ( I freeze mine before they rot for just this purpose)

1/2 cup milk

a bit of vanilla pudding I had left over 1/4 cup? yogurt would be good too.

Whizzed it all together in the bullet. YUM!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fun Saturday.

We went shopping at Zellers today and I bought $50 worth of loss leaders, including a ten pound bag of flour for 6.99! I also used three .75 coupons for wonder plus bread and since it was on sale, the coupons worked out to my getting a loaf free. We have tons of flour now, including whole wheat, so my plan is to make some whole wheat bread and other bread products like pitas and naan bread. Then we drove a few miles down the road to Enderby and filled up at 120.9 instead of 131.9, which saved us about 5.00. Not bad. We were out that way anyhow. Then we stopped at the Armstrong cheese factory and ate samples and bought some cheese. Besides Walmart, which sells it in a tiny bag, this is the only place my husband has found fresh cheese curds and as a French Canadian, he must have his cheese craving satisfied every so often. We rounded out the day's outing with the home show, trying out the massage chair and sampling things here and there. A great morning!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ten convenience foods that are cheaper and better at home.

1. Garlic bread. I bought a loaf of french bread for a dollar. How much cheaper would it be if I made my own bread from scratch? I added my own butter, garlic whizzed up in the Magic Bullet and parsley flakes. Cheap and cheerful.

2. Chicken wrap snackers/burritos Try saying that ten times fast. They sell these for two bucks each, but I am sure they could be made a lot cheaper than that at home with grocery store stuff. Imagine with homemade tortillas! Dried beans!

3. Pad Thai. This is essentially a stir fry. Make it at home and eat it with chopsticks.

4. Pizza. I can make gourmet pizza for about half the price of so-so take out pizza, even when I cheat and buy the crust already made.

5. Popcorn/chips Buy a case of microwave popcorn and don't bother with the greasy stuff at the movie theatre. Or better yet, pop from bulk kernels. I always burn it, so I have quit doing this. Try caramel popcorn or marshmallow popcorn for a treat. Buy a big bag of chips and bag them up in snack bags for lunches. I get multi grain rounds and pack a bit of salsa with them. Yum.

6. Chili. I just made a vat of chili for 30-40 people for about .40 a serving at my aunt's party. Seriously, why would I want to pay $4 for a little bowl?

7. Chai tea lattes/espresso. Five bucks a cup?? Puhleese. It's tea/coffee and milk. Enough said.

8. Granola. Oh so freakin' cheap to make at home, plus you know what is in it and you can make a basic one and add other ingredients to your bowl at breakfast. I love this for summer, saves on commercial cereal costs.

9. Yogurt. Again, I love this in the summer for smoothies, baking and breakfast.

10. Jello/ pudding. Buy some containers and pack your own from a big bowl. You get more at lunch and it's cheaper.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bits of Beauty

Not much to say, home from my aunty's birthday. The chill in the air did nothing to dispel the warmth in our hearts. I love my family!! Enjoy the beauty shots.