Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Soccer, learning to ride a bike, easter eggs oh my!

Spring is busy!

Do you like my meat pie? I made it from scratch. Even the pastry using my food processor, as I find this is the only sane way to make pastry and the only way that ever works out for me. Also, I roll it on waxed paper and then gently peel it off into the pan, otherwise I have trouble getting it the proper thin-ness. Another kitchen tip I tried recently, which came from the blogs, is to run a hot soapy wet cloth over my kitchen counters and let it soak while you do the dishes. When youare done, all the stuck on bits wipe easily away without scrubbing. It's sort of like pre-wiping the counters. I know, I am close to my mid-thirties and just learning how to clean properly, but hey, I am a life long learner.

This is my new favourite song. Well, for the week anyhow. I am a ficle music fan.

Bye for now.