Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gone Fishin'

The boys left me for a couple days. It was bound to happen sooner or later. A few sunny days into the summer and they get this shifty look in their eyes... That's when I know...they are Gone Fishin'.
It doesn't hurt that tomorrow is a little thing I like to call "Money Monday". My husband's timing is impeccable. When better to leave town?
I made up Money Monday a while ago as a designated day on the calendar that we discuss our finances, usually the last Monday of the month. You see, we both would prefer to say, pull our own teeth, rather than have this discussion, so to have an appointed day theory, anyways.
My husband likes to joke that he will "have his people call my people," on Money Monday, or that he will be "in a meeting" that day. This time he has, quite literally, Gone Fishin'.
Ok, well, just remember I know where you live, honey.
We started this in February when we did our taxes, it happened to be a Monday. It has helped us to set goals, start tracking expenses and most importantly of all, talk about money.
So, I guess I will crunch the numbers tomorrow, while they boys are off the "hook". They are crafty, I tell ya. Sort of like when there are dirty dishes in the sink, and everyone suddenly disappears...
On another note, we went to a garage sale on Saturday. We found a Lord of the Rings DVD trilogy for ten bucks, a game boy game and a Godzilla movie. Since we don't have any cable, finding cheap entertainment is great! It helps that we still have a VCR as well as a DVD player and my son has an older game boy so the used games and movies are cheap and ubiquitous. At this particular sale, the money went to raise funds for a girl with disabilities so I didn't haggle too much. I still thought we came away with a good deal.
This last week we have all opened up the purse strings more than I would like, but maybe, just maybe, I was expecting absolute frugality, all the time. We all rebelled in the last week of June. I know I made a few extraneous purchases as well, nothing too extravagant, but I did buy a few things for myself nonetheless. For instance, I bought myself a red bra. Did I really need it? Technically, no, but it was red and on clearance for five bucks! And it's cute!!
It is harder to resist temptation in the summer for some reason. I just want to lay on the beach, in my new red bra, buy an ice cream cone and not plan meals or anything! Oh, if I wasn't so cheap I would play the lottery and then wish for my millions. Nah, I guess I better get our budget under control instead.
To save on bought treats, I packed the boys a cooler lunch for their trip, chicken salad sandwiches, cut up veggies, pickles and a batch of chocolate chip cookies, which my son loved :)
I also won't grocery shop until they get home and just eat what we have around the house. That should help a little on the food budget, as well as my waistline!
I hope to do better in July and that we will set specific savings goals.
I think while the boys are gone, I will try to plan a whole month of summer meals....hmmm... Maybe I will do some sewing and crafts using my stash.


Angela Barton said...

I'm all for red bras!

hiptobeme said...

Red bras are where it's at!