Friday, September 6, 2013

Fall is my favourite season.

Yes, I ignore this blog and use it only sporadically for my own whims. So be it.

I had a very busy summer with working full time and squeezing in camping trips and beach days where we could where we could. We also made it to the island for my niece's grad.

I finished my first year of guitar lessons and I have to say I improved quite a bit. I go back next week after a summer of less than disciplined practicing. I am still learning every day though and that is a plus. School is started and I am in regular work for the next couple months. It should slow down around Christmas, but that is fine for me, I like being home in the winter. I will have more time to practice my guitar.

We just had Smokefest again. It was so nice to see some of my family. I had so much fun singing and playing music. There was also a performer this year which was a very nice addition to the party.

Here are a couple of gems:
Don air drying the fish before smoking it.

Jake holding her niece, Willow, 6 weeks.

Jerry and Howie at work.

Ed the performer. Last name has too many letters. An amazing musician.
The weather is rainy and we are headed for one last trip to a cabin on the lake before we settle into work routines. All of our extra activities are starting up again, so I expect to be on the run for a bit. I won't even pretend that blog updates will be regular. Just take what you get.

Catch you on the flip side.