Sunday, June 7, 2009

Menu Plan and the Husband seal of approval

I planned another menu for the upcoming week and THEN made a grocery list. I write my menu on a wipeboard, so I can and do change it depending on sales, work schedules and the "ugh, no I'm not having meatloaf tonight" factor. So far, though, it has only been a matter of switching nights and shuffling a bit, mostly due to the Man. I struggled with trying to get him on board without being a nasty harpy. In theory, he agrees with me 100% that we need to get on a proper budget and save and pay down debt, but he also thinks I take this frugality thing a little too far sometimes. (He saw my post on HM pads and shook his head, I was just proving that I COULD do it if I wanted to or had to! Sheesh!!) He could be right, I do like to do things to the extreme and that is why it is good to talk about these things and come to a compromise. Also, what's good for me isn't always what is right for him. All I can do is try to persuade him of MY way, hehe... For example, if we don't get cable, we can buy more DVDs and CDs. This soothes him, a little. It can be very difficult. I don't want to be known as the Budget Police, so I am very concious not to nag about what he buys, whether or not he idles the van in the parking lot (grr) or other things that perhaps I wouldn't do the same way. If I do, he will just rebel and and then where we all be? We'd be with a brand new 42 inch plasma TV on the credit card, that's where. We both realize we have made some financial blunders in the past and are going to try and diligently get ourselves back on track. We are beginning to talk about our goals and what we want to save for and why we should track our expenses. He still giving me his receipts and writing down everything he buys, (even candy, ha ha). I am lucky to have a guy who happily does his share of the cooking and cleaning and child rearing. Otherwise I would not be able to juggle everything on my own, or at least it would be a lot more difficult, not to mention more expensive!

I'm writing that down so everyone who might read this (even though they pretend not to) knows I appreciate my husband very much.
I love you sweetheart.

Here is what we are eating this week:

Sunday: Seafood pasta and salad, (his specialty)

Monday: Roast or Turkey or ham dinner (whatever is the best price)

Tuesday: Chicken and rice and carrots

Wednesday: Macaroni Salad and Cold deli plate (I'm working)

Thursday: Pate Chinois (ground beef, gravy, corn and mashed potato casserole)

Friday: BBQ steak and potatoes and salad

Saturday: use up Leftovers, free for all

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