Monday, June 8, 2009

Random Good Bits

This morning I made crepes as I was inspired by Cents to get Debt Free's breakfast menu. As we all wolfed them down with chopped nectarines and yogurt, my son alliterated, "Please pass the frugal fruit."
That made me laugh so much and was a great way to start the day and the week. I went to the thrift store while out running errands with the family. We had to wait an hour to pick up an item so I said, "Drop me off!"when we cruised by the store. I was originally on the look out for a water bath canner. No such luck. I did respond to an ad on Freecycle for 60 quart jars with rings, I am so crossing my fingers for that one. Free jars would be most excellent. We shall see. Will I even have time to can this summer? Or is it just a pipe dream?
I came out instead with a popcorn maker, 2 cake pans and a bundt pan. (Oh, and a big bag of zippers. Two bucks. All different lengths. I know, I know. Why zippers?? Ask my Grandmother, or better yet, my Mother. She might know why I would be compelled to buy a big bag of zippers. I got this hoarding tendency from her, I think. The zippers are MINE! I need them! Back away from the zippers...) I have some frozen bananas in mind for that bundt pan. I tried out the popcorn maker when we got home and a 1/4 cup of my bulk popcorn made enough for a great afternoon snack, and the kid was excited to see it pop. Cheap entertainment. 5 year olds are fun and easy to please :)
I then received my first free sample in the mail! Guess what it was?
Personal lubricant!! Is that not a most excellent first free sample? My hubs is really getting on board with the whole frugality thing now!
Personal lubricant? For free? Well Goll-y!
I also made beef and bean burritos for the freezer and then went to the dentist. My tortilla dough waited for me to get home and roll it out. I made the beef and bean filling and let it cool while I was gone.
No, I did not take photos; (my teeth are too personal), but you can have my tortilla recipe:
Homemade Tortillas (so easy)
4 c flour
8tsp baking powder
1/2 c shortening
Cut this together to a course meal consistency. I used my little hand chopper. A food processer would probably do it in a second or two.
Dissolve 1 1/2 tsp salt into 1 cup lukewarm water, you may need a bit more. I needed almost 1/4 cup more, but it is a very dry climate where I live. I also threw in some random spices into my flour mix, just because. You do whatever you want. I don't really mind.
Mix a soft dough, knead it until fairly smooth and elastic. Let rest, covered 20 minutes or more. I left mine for 30 mins. then divided into equal size balls. I got 14, I think, medium size. Then I went to the dentist. I recommend just rolling out your dough and carrying on from here. It's way easier to roll out warm dough. My dough was cold and difficult to roll out thinly, so I called the Man to help. He wasn't doing anything but waiting to show me his muscles and his tortilla rolling expertise anyhow. I cooked them in the pan while he rolled. I must say, he is getting good at these :)
I used a cast iron frying pan heated to medium low. No need to grease, there is plenty of shortening. It shouldn't stick at all. Cook 1-2 minutes per side.
I rolled up 10 burritos and put them in the freezer. My mouth was still frozen from the dentist so I ate yogurt and leftover crepes for dinner and the boys finished the tortillas. I still have a ton of beef and bean filling left. Maybe it will be good on noodles or rice as well.


hustler said...

Good finds! I've really been thinking about getting a popcorn popper. I eat a lot of popcorn and the individual bagged kind is pretty expensive. I think I'm going to make those tortillas, too. Thanks!

hiptobeme said...

Thanks, I can't believe how cheap popcorn really is!