Monday, June 15, 2009

Feeling refreshed and New goals

I took my weekend to just live and it was great. Saturday was busy with friends and food and Sunday we went out for breakfast and spent the afternoon at the beach. I confessed our fast food indulgence on My Year Without Spending and realized afterward that she does the compact, so what the heck am I worried about? I can spend what ever I want. I have made no official commitment to non consumerism, have I? That got me thinking. If I have no official commitment to keeping my budget, I probably won't. We are halfway through June and so far it looks better than the last half of May, but we still have some bad habits such as; poor planning, inconsistency and just plain laziness. These habits are breaking the bank! I'd love to just blame my husband as being the spendthrift, but the fact is, it's the spontaneity that drew me to him. I go along with his exciting ideas even though they cost more money than I'd like. I don't have complete and utter control of the kitchen resources and financial expenditures and honestly, I wouldn't want that responsibility to uphold alone. Otherwise, I might as well be single. I'm the type to go to the extreme of self denial and lucky for us, he is there to declare that we haven't been out to eat for a while, so what the heck? So, I need to budget for that, I think. It's not that we can't afford it, I just need to more clearly define the goals. This budget and frugality as a choice is definitely a learning curve.
Ah, Mondays.
Today I will:
Record the last week's receipts
Plan my menu and shop
Go to the dentist.
Buy jars.
Here is to the start of another busy week! Enjoy.

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