Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Spring! WOW! 225 posts!

I like to celebrate these little milestones because it reminds me not to give up writing this blog. back when I started I had delusions of grandeur, thinking my frugal and homemade ideas would revolutionize the blogosphere and that no one could repaint a thrifted patio table from freecycle like I could. Nowadays, I'm a little more realistic about the scope of these types of blogs, but rather than give up entirely, I decided to keep my trusty blog and use it for my own personal enjoyment. Who says you have to be famous to write a blog? Not me, that's for sure.So, rather than my usual black and white, all or nothing attitude, I decided to give myself a break and just write this blog for fun. Is this a sign of maturity? Or am I admitting my limitations? Who knows, but it applies to many areas of my life. I recently started guitar lessons because I have always wanted to learn and as a child we did not have money for such extras. Now that I am an adult, I do find the discipline required for practice a constant challenge. When I was a kid, I did not have to worry about making dinner, working, doing the laundry and not being able to play after 8 p.m because people

are sleeping. When I do practice, which is most, but not all days, I feel as though I should be further ahead than I am and should be able to play better. Then I remind myself that last September, I could hardly play two chords together and now, I have a repertoire of easy songs that I can play adequately. This is progress! No, I am not a professional musician playing in front of adoring crowds, flawlessly executing every note on time, but I enjoy myself when I play guitar and that is reason enough to keep on doing it. Therefore, in the spirit of doing things for the sake of enjoyment I will add some photos from Easter weekend to add a little colour to this post. Happy Spring!