Friday, March 9, 2012

Strawberry ice cream and other treats.

Don't the photos say it all? I made the ice cream in my magic bullet using, yep, strawberries and cream. The berries were frozen so it was a snap. There is nothing quite so luxurious as real frozen whipping cream and strawberries. Sure, it's a caloric nightmare but there were two ingredients and I could pronounce them both. Also, in the bullet, it's easy to just make one or two servings. If you need a decadent treat, think back to the 1800s and do your ice cream old school. You will not regret it I assure you. I have been under the weather for the past week or so but before that, we went to Vancouver Island to see my parents on their birthdays. We had a seafood feast, which was delightful. I somehow forgot my camera and only had my phone to snap pics, but here's one of our dinner. My sister named them all before they went in the pot. This one was Jim-Bob. We cooked them in a boiling pot on a campfire in my mom's back yard along with a big roaster full of clams and muscles. We also had a dozen oysters on the barbeque. What a great time.