Monday, May 28, 2012

White Bread and Bambi

 I had the best of intentions. I started out making whole wheat cinnamon buns with a recipe I found in my inbox. I thought they could be "healthy" cinnamon buns. I got skeptical looks from some unnamed man while I was making the dough and when I saw the final result, I realized the yield was far too small to satisfy my family. So, I broke out the tried and true Purity White Bread recipe and went to town. This recipe makes about five loaves or anything else you want it to make. I grew up eating this homemade bread (Thanks Mom). I made a pan and a half of cinnamon buns, 8 regular buns and a loaf. I also made the 8 whole wheat buns (pictured at the bottom) and then the next day the boys wanted pizza so I made pizza dough using The Frugal Girl's recipe. Easy. I was already in bread making mode. The pizza took less time than takeout and was wayyy better.
 I want it known that I froze most of this and we did not just go hog wild eating bread until we popped. Well, we popped a little, but I will still have lots of yummy bread next week too. Sunday we spent picnicking and lounging in the park. The weather has really warmed up and it was great to spend the day outdoors as a family. Later as we were lounging the deer came by on their nightly stroll. I usually miss them because as soon as they hear my screen door open, and my camera beeping and buzzing as it goes on, they run away. This time I let them pass without my accosting and then I made use of my zoom lens. I will remember this technique in future. It's such a funny paradox to see these beautiful wild creatures in our urban environment. You never get used to it, no matter how many times you see a wild animal, it is still a bit of a surprise. I was glad to capture these two beauties.

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