Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lovely, languishing long weekend

This is our first attempt at homemade paper. Not bad eh? That spot is glitter, which makes our paper fancier. I think I will try pressed and dried flowers next. I will also wait until a hotter day comes along because the paper took a long time to dry. I will also blend my pulp more and find a larger container to fit my screens into. All in all though, a great use for my confidential financial statements. We actually had time to do crafts this long weekend, because we didn't over schedule it. We had time to do laundry, organize, do crafts, go to the pool, a festival in the park and above all, relax! I think doing little things around home, puttering if you will, is highly underrated. Around here, we still have cool spring temperatures, especially at night, so camping at this time of year seems somewhat premature for me. I especially don't care to go in the rain, so when it rained yesterday, I was more than glad to watch movies on Netflix and chill out. My bathroom is exceedingly clean and I am happy. Not to mention the gas and stress we saved by staying home this long weekend. We felt refreshed and ready to get back to school and work this morning and we are looking forward to our test run camping trip next month. My laundry still did not get folded, but, well... what can I say... It was a holiday!

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