Thursday, May 10, 2012

200 posts! Wow!

In celebration of my 200th post... Here she is, Miss Peaches, or princess Peach as I like to call her! She is our Pagoda, or Bearded Dragon, or just beardie as they are commonly known. What a fun pet. She is a little high maintenance as I suppose all lizards are, what with the temperatures and habitat having to be just so, but since we can't have a dog or a cat, a lizard is a fine substitute. You can cuddle her, feed her and she is quite clean. She eats mostly salad, meal worms and crickets. So far, she has seemed to come out of brumation which is the lizard kind of hibernation where they sleep and hardly eat a thing. This scared me until I read up on it a bit more.
As for me, I have been working a few days a week and I am enjoying it. Simon has been busy with Karate and soccer and Seb is currently travelling back and forth between Alberta and B.C. We eat a lot lighter when he is a way, mostly veggies and pasta. I did pull all my pork in the crock pot and we have been packing it for lunches, so good! I still love my crock pot for sport nights. The last evening was a rainy one, we came home to creamy mushroom risotto that cooked while we practiced in the rainy field. It was a welcome hot meal!
Spring organizing is on the brain, but so far, between running to work and and school and activities, it hasn't happened. I did buy some new shorts for everyone at Value Village and got some great deals. Now, I just have to fill up a bag or two and drop it off to them and we will get our clothes down to a manageable level again. I plan to store the winter clothes and get rid of stuff we have had too many years. I think three years is a good time limit to start turning over our sweaters. We have so many!

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