Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Swingin' into Spring

Full steam ahead! The sports begin and work is picking up so I can tell Spring is going to be busy! April? What April, I have no idea how the time goes so fast. In a nutshell,  here's what I have been up to.
1. We got a bearded dragon. She is so cute, we named her Peaches. She is a little high maintenance but otherwise a lovely pet.
2. Karate testing andtournament in Oliver. Blue Belt, here we come (in about 15 minutes, actually, I am literally stealing blogging time.)
3. Soccer has begun! Oh the joy! The first game, well, was a loss but the learning experience is what matters.
Also, I have been working quite a lot at my new job and it's been refreshing to have all new people, activities and the promise of what is to come over the next few months. My herbs are beginning to bloom,

I plan to take a page from the Tightwad Gazette and reuse my milk jugs as mini green houses and dto hopefully keep Mr. Squirrel from eating my delicous herbs.
Well, gotta run (literally). ZOOOOM!

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