Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I had a bright idea!

I fixed up my cheap lamp set that I got from Walmart. Sorry for the dark photo, maybe I should have turned the lamp on! I have seen so many people with this lamp set, it bugged me to have such cookie cutter home decor. So what did I do? I got out my trusty glue gun, that's what. I got this funky gold trim from freecycle a while back. I love the feel, it truly changed the whole look of my lamps. Quite vintage, wouldn't you say? I have a whole tote of trim at my disposal, so there may be more tassels in my home decor future. This project worked out so well and I love how it fits in with my eclectic treasures. I also bought a great wrought iron mirror the other day for seven dollars. It looks great propped on my bedside table with the smaller version of this lamp beside it. I now have a matching set of four lampshades that are original and cost me absolutely nothing but an hour of creative energy. Love that. What have you all been up to? I have been busy working and celebrating my second wedding anniversary. We spent the day at the beach, then drove up to the lake where we got married and took a few nostalgic photos. My husband surprised me with colurful daisies and a beautiful card. Very sweet. I know my posts have slowed down a bit. That's OK, quality over quantity, I always say.
Hope you are enjoying summer!

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