Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hello August

Just got back from two nights in the tent. What a fun time we had with our friends, eating out of a cooler and making coffee on our propane stove. I love camping! It's the ultimate frugal family fun. It is a little tougher to stick to a tight budget, though. As much as I love camp food, with the province wide fire ban, we could not cook on an open fire. This meant that one lunch was Subway sandwiches and I was OK with that. It was so hot, and I just couldn't face a can of ravioli so I certainly did not mind paying for a little convenience. I bought one fountain drink and filled it up again using the ice to cool my own lukewarm canned pop. That was my friend's smart idea. We shopped as we went, not wanting to have too many leftovers to store in the cooler. Most of our snacks were fresh cherries, apples and water. We also had some hummus, pita, baby carrots and cherry tomatoes. I love summer! We visited a friend's property and my son "stole" some just-about ripe apricots from the tree. He carried them to us in a makeshift pouch from his turned up T-shirt. I bit into one and a bug came burrowing out. I screamed and threw it on the ground. Apparently, that was very entertaining to him. He told everyone we met the story of my apricot. Ah, good times. Now that we are home and I have my loads of campy laundry going and washed all the dust out of my hair, I almost feel human again. I planned the menu for the whole month of August using my recipe box, and a cookbook I have from Better Homes and Gardens called Low Cost Cooking. Yes, this book was purchased from the thrift store. Where else? I have had it since I moved out on my own and I highly recommend it for cheap, healthy meals to feed a family. I'm glad to be back at home. Nothing like two dusty nights on an air mattress sleeping to the peaceful sounds of dogs barking, babies crying and generators running RV air conditioning to make you appreciate the luxuries of creature comfort.
Glad I was only twenty minutes from home!

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