Monday, July 13, 2009

Frugal a day

I have a new goal! This is OK because I am following my other goals fairly well. My new goal is to do something, anything, really, frugal at least once a day. I figure if I do a lot of little things, eventually they will grow into habits that will make big differences. We have started with a few little things already such as:

Changing all of our incandescents for energy efficient lightbulbs. We swear we have noticed a difference in our electric bill already! Maybe, who knows?

I now measure my soap, for the dishwasher and the washing machine. A little goes a long way. Who knew? I always wash in cold (uh, not the dishes) and I hang some stuff, but not much, we have no yard. The dishes look silly hanging around anyway, waiting to dry ;)
The dishwasher is always full when we run it!

I purged a bunch of stuff. This makes my good stuff seem even better and I am less likely to want new stuff to clutter up my place again. I can finally breathe! I think I am a minimalist at heart, except I am also a pack rat so the paradox is confusing. I like stuff, but I like even more to bag it all up and give it away. Just one of those little quirks, I guess. This also means less freecycling. I don't want more stuff right now, not even free stuff. Except for a nice book case, I'd take one of those.

I walk to work on Fridays. It just works out that my work location is around the corner. I would do it everyday if I could but I work in a few locations and Friday is the only day it works out to walk. I love Fridays :)

Today the fugal thing I did was stick to my menu plan. I didn't really feel like it and I was missing an ingredient for dinner, but I made do and it turned out good anyways. I used up stuff from the freezer and pantry and made it work. I did not run to the store. I did not pass go. I did not spend two hundred dollars.

Sticking to my little goals seems to be working. Frugal a day. Yeah, I like that ;)

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Lena! said...

I really, really like your idea of trying out one new frugal thing a day. It makes so much sense, and is the easiest way to build better habits. Kudos!