Saturday, February 11, 2012


I have some trouble with clutter, I always have. I guess I have a difficult time throwing things away that may be useful. I have no problem throwing broken, useless things a away. Anything that may have a future use, however, that is a different story. This becomes a huge problem when you live in a tiny space. This container is just a small example of things that I don't know where they go and I can not get rid of. These things end up in the funniest places and the randomness of them is at times overwhelming to me. I so wish I was one of those people who got up early, opened a drawer and found exactly what they needed, clean and in it's proper place. These wonders elude me. So, while under the guise of "organizing" which always ends up with me making even more of a mess, I photograph my chaos and call it art.
Cleaning it up occasionally actually saves me money because I do not buy new things, but always, halfway through cleaning I get distracted and begin another art project. In this case it was a blog post, complete with photos. I think I`d like to blame my Grandma for this, her post war habits were passed down to my mother and now to me. A ball of string represents a useful thing that must never be parted with. I need to have an attitude of abundance, where I needn`t worry that there will not be enough..
 Maybe next lifetime.
 In this one, I`m a keeper of things, a guardian of goobledegook, a champion of chachkes.
Could be worse.

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