Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Beating the February Blahs

 I admit it. I don't like winter very much, I find it tough to get going out of bed, to eat anything that doesn't have chocolate in it and especially to do anything remotely physical. So, when I was asked to play broomball in the winter carnival tournament, I didn't really want to at first. I mean, run in the street with a broom after a ball? In minus twelve degree weather? It turned out to be super fun and a great way to bond with my new co-workers and clients. It also warmed me up and  made me smile. We played against BMO and their team was pretty good. There was a rule that two females had to be on at a time and luckily we had four girls on our team, the Mainstreet Maniacs. We could spell off. Since I am an ex- smoker
(and did I mention my fondness for chocolate?) let's just say I was so happy to be able to switch off when I couldn't run any more! We played hard and with spirit and gave them a run for their money in the first half, scoring two goals right away. Then they got one in and then we got another in. In the second half they owned us, and we finished 6-3. At the end, everyone had rosy cheeks and a feeling of accomplishment and team work. If that doesn't warm the heart in the coldest of months, I don't know what will.

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