Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pioneer Thinking

I have just found a most interesting website, Pioneer Thinking. It is a wealth of information and I found it by searching on How to make Paper, something I would like to try. Wouldn't it be nice to turn all of those envelopes and junk mail into something worthwhile? Something crafty? Could this be a Spring Break activity? I could use my thrift store blender...

I have so many aspirations toward living a simpler, greener lifestyle, at least in the way of reducing garbage and recycling. I also liked the article in budgeting, Saving Dimes. I have decided that my vacation fund will be comprised of every dime and penny I can find. Every time I return my beverage containers, it goes in the fund. I want to lay on a beach, for an entire week, knowing that I can truly relax because there will be no enormous credit card bill awaiting my return.

Finally, and this is something near and dear to me, the article on Laundry. While the blurb was seemingly just plain common sense, it reminds me of a few new tricks that I can put to use to to tackle the laundry beast. Perhaps I will install a hanging bar above our machines. Our laundry truly has a life of its' own.
So, go. Check out Pioneer Thinking and then come back here later when I write my next post.

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