Friday, March 11, 2011


I was absolutely blown away by the loss of my thirty year old sister in-law, Cyn. She was an amazing, spiritual person who taught me a lot about friendship, love and compassion. She had an especially close relationship with her brother, my husband, and we had our love for him in common, which made us instant sisters. As soon as I met Cynthia, (almost eleven years ago) she welcomed me into her family, even though I was different, Anglais, even. She tried her best to speak to me in my language and I in hers, and the result was often sign language, but we always communicated beautifully. I envied at times her work ethic, her approach to life and her perseverance and steadfast belief that happiness could always be achieved if you worked hard enough at it. She had a beautiful home in the Quebec country side with her husband, Matthieu and her two children Seime and Kina. She worked alongside Matthieu to renovate, landscape and to make their house a home. Cynthia was a vegetarian and she enjoyed music and drumming. She was a free spirit, a traveller, with a grounded sense of her responsibilities. She worked with troubled youth and was adored by her community. She was my sister. I will miss her always.

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