Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Lately I have been into scrapbooking and card making. I was kind of late to this craft fad but all of a sudden it hit me how fun and simple it is. Also addictive I must admit, I never used to look twice at all of those letter stickers and embellishments, now, suddenly I can't get enough. Right now we are working on making my son's Valentine cards. Fortunately, I am still frugal and I look for sales and clearance. I found a bunch of summer scrapbooking items on clearance which I will put to good use with the summer pics.

I have also been sewing a bit. I made a simple cape for my son who needed a superhero costume for school. I had some freecycled red suiting material, twill tape and a thrifted pattern that I bought with rare foresight. It was a fun project which reminded me that my sewing skills don't have to be perfect for things like that to be fun and satisfying. My son played with the cape endlessly and is very proud of it. It helps that the bottom is scalloped, like bat wings. Now, I think my next project will be these reuseable snack bags! What a fantastic idea. I know that I can find those materials cheaply. Imagine not having to buy anymore sandwich bags for the lunch sac. Too cool.


Alea said...

I enjoy crafting, especially when I can make something that would normally be tossed or make an item like the snack bags which will reduce waste.

Hiptobeme said...

Thanks for your comment Alea! mee too :)