Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good Food Box

I've got the winter blahs. You know, when you just want to sleep and eat carbs and nothing holds your attention? Yeah, I've got it bad. As we speak, (in our bloggish type of one-way conversation, that is) I am burning my tongue on a melted chocolate burning hot spoon. I know that sentence doesn't make sense but you get the drift. Usually I can formulate a thought when I write, or at least summon enough energy to correct myself when I can't, but, alas, not today. My photo of muffins is recycled, I did not bake them today, they are only a figment of the imagination now. They do look good don't they? Mmmm. Muffins. I did make peanut bull balls dipped in burning hot melted chocolate though, and never fear, my Good Food Box arrived today. Just in time, I must say. Maybe I will even sneak in a vegetable or two. Here's hoping!

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