Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You know what's Cheap and Hip?

Macaroni Salad, that's what! This is my lunch. Doesn't it look good? I made this delicious salad last night to go with dinner. We had burgers. I love summer. I was going to buy a tub of it at the grocery store but my husband, bag of macaroni in hand, told me, "Yours tastes so much better, could you please make some?" How could I refuse? I used up some stuff out of the fridge and it turned out fabulous. My mom taught me how to make this and potato salad, which basically has the same dressing. Here's my non-recipe. It may change depending on what's on hand. I used:
The end of the jar of mayo mixed with about a heaping tablespoon of regular mustard. I also had a tiny bit of Miracle Whip so I threw that in too, just for the tangy zip. I was going to make up the rest of the base with yogurt, but my sour cream was older, so I threw in about a cup of that. Then I opened up the pickle jar and poured in two splashes of pickle juice. I chopped up two pickles finely and added that to the big mixing bowl. Of course, I forgot to mention, my salted pasta was boiling on the stove while I was doing all this, 2 cups. Then I chopped up 2 stalks of celery, a quarter of a red pepper, a few slices red onion and added a splash of milk to thin out the dressing. I whisked this all together on the bowl. When the pasta was cooked to a firm texture, I quickly poured cold water through the strainer until I could easily handle touching the lukewarm pasta. I mixed it all together, pasta, dressing and veggies. The dressing seemed a bit liquid-y (Is liquid-y a word? Not according to spell check) at first, but I knew that the pasta would suck it up as it hung out in the fridge. I chilled it for a couple hours and served it with supper. It really is better the next day, though, when all the flavours have had a chance to meld. This made a huge bowl, enough for probably eight people. You'd think we'd have tons of leftovers. You'd think that, wouldn't you, honey? Honey? Hey! What happened to all my leftovers?


Elizabeth said...

That sounds yummy!

I popped over to see your sweater sleeve shrug refashion, but I couldn't leave a comment on that post for some reason.

Your shrug is really cute! I like the "dancer shrug" you linked to also. It makes me think about doing something for spring with very fine gauge sleeves.

Hiptobeme said...

Glad you popped over! Yes, one could use fishnet stockings or something to that effect. My niece would like something like that!