Friday, May 14, 2010

This used to be Our Town

Well, as you may have noticed, selling real estate, working and child rearing takes up precious blogging time. So, I halfheartedly apologize. I mean, somewhere along the way a gal has to prioritize, right? I have been enjoying coming up with frugal ways to market, advertise and sell the condo. Unfortunately the upheaval has led to some rather spendy meals, coffee breaks, take out and convenience foods. When I am home, I try to prep vegetables and minimize food waste, but I will admit to a few more $5 Little Ceaser pizzas than usual. I still buy more from the grocery store than restaurants, which still saves some money and is more like real food, so I guess it's not all bad. On the plus side, I have lost five pounds because a quick smoothie is all I have time for in the morning! At night, I'm tired and the summer-like weather makes it difficult for me to remain staunch in my home-cook-only convictions. O.K., that's enough of the confessional.
There's just something irresistible about the lure of the drive-thru ice cream cone on your way home from loading boxes in the storage locker...
I am happy to report that the farmer's market has re-opened for the season and I am looking forward to buying fresh produce and other local, fresh goods. I made one exploratory visit last week and purposely left my wallet at work. Good thing because one guy almost had me sold on a $2 beaded bracelet that was probably made for about ten cents. (It had memory wire, note to self) I am buying less because I am cooking less, so I don't waste. It's tricky, so I use my freezer a lot. Tomorrow I have great aspirations for more deep spring cleaning. I have tried to borrow a carpet cleaner, but so far, no luck. I suppose I may have to break down and rent one. You get two days for the price of one if you rent on a Monday, so that is what I will aim for.
Who wants to clean carpets on Saturday, anyway?
Not me :)

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