Monday, May 24, 2010

My Next Amazon/Swagbucks goal

So, the last time I used up all my Swagbucks on Amazon gift cards, I bought this and was very happy with the free-ness of it all. This has inspired me to create a new goal; to save $40 worth of Amazon gift cards so that I can qualify my purchases for free shipping.

Free+Free=Happy Hiptobeme.

There is a book that I have my eye on. I recently discovered a new frugality guru and his name is Jeff Yeager. I have begun following him on Twitter. We'll see if he has any pearls to share. I am so far inspired by his article that I happened upon today, 12 Surprising Ways to Reuse Tin Foil. This is always of great interest to me because somehow, for me, using loads of tin foil is akin to using gold foil. I just know it's costing me moolah. I never feel quite the same horror about using plastic, though I am sure I should. For some reason, the aluminum foil is more concrete, (or should I say metallic?) for me. Something about imagining the sheets of metal pouring out in the aluminum factory come to mind whenever I peel a sheet off of the roll to line my pan. Therefore, I hope to snag The Ultimate Cheapskate's Road Map to True Riches: A Practical (and Fun) Guide to Enjoying Life More by Spending Less. Not only will I save foil, but, who knows? I might learn a trick or two. Have you read this book? Reviewed it? Hook me up to the new scene in the comments, folks.

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