Sunday, April 25, 2010

Frugality Update

Or, "What I have been doing with myself" could be an alternate title to this post.
I am trying to get my place to this level of banal sterility for the purpose of marketing. You see, the buyer needs to be able to picture their own belongings in the space...yep, that's what I have been up to, frugally moving, without actually moving...yet. Of course, time is my friend here, the more time you have the less money things cost. Over the past few weeks I have been collecting boxes a few at a time, for free of course, (who would pay for cardboard, I wonder, when it is ubiquitous if you know where to look?) and steadily weeding out the useless from the useful and donating the rest. Though this task has been daunting at times, repeating a certain question over and over in my head seems to help. The question is : "Are you willing to pay money to keep this item?" Same goes for buying stuff at this point. I know I will have to pack, ship, move and store this stuff, so is it really worth consuming anything right now? Nope, it ain't. It is really putting my non consumer attitude to the maximum and my recreational shopping to a bare minimum, which is a good thing. I will need that cash for the eventual move!
Here are some other random, frugal things I have been doing;
-making soup stock from grocery store chicken carcasses
-making chicken salad and casseroles from aforementioned chickens
-trying to buy as little new food as possible before the old food is used up. Chicken anyone?
-freezing things before they go bad in tiny little labeled containers
-saving regular amounts of money, automatically!
-bringing in refundable containers for spending cash, (BOGO 25 cent DQ blizzards, yum!)
-taking the time to recycle properly
-turning my swagbucks into amazon cash.

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