Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Family, food and fun

Whoa. Time flies. Wasn't it just Easter? Sigh. I have been so busy! Like, not enough hours in the day busy. The sun comes up and I have a million things to do. It goes down and...same thing, million things to do. Have had more changes going on in my family, never a dull moment around here. I splurged and got my hair professionally cut and coloured with my girlfriend last week. It felt great to use my fun money for this boost of self esteem. I have had many compliments on it and what a great way to spend time with your BFF. New hair is just huge, what can I say?
I am in the midst of a mass reorganization of my stuff, and I have donated bags and bags and boxes and boxes to the thrift store. I feel twenty pounds lighter every time I get rid of something outgrown/outdated/useless/boring and make room for something new and exciting. Once I am finished the overhaul of the clutter, I will start my enormous spring clean. I have made myself a deadline of the end of April. If you don't see too many blog posts in the coming days and weeks, you'll know why. I will be slaving over a dirty kitchen floor.

OH! I ordered my copy of The Tightwad Gazette! Squee! Free!! with my swagbucks giftcards at amazon!! YAY!
I can't wait until it arrives.
Did I mention... I LOVE FREEBIES?

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