Friday, March 5, 2010


Why, oh why do I EVER buy things new?

Recently I bought a new copy of a popular self help book that was reccommended to my husband and me. We needed two copies, as he was leaving town and we both want to read it and compare notes. I rushed to the mall and paid $18.95 for his copy and thought I'd order mine with my swagbucks gift card redemptions. This way, I'd be splitting the cost of the two books in half, theoretically anyhow. Except, I forgot to do one thing; shop around! A few days later, I found the very same popular self help book at Value Village for .99! Of course I snapped it up, thank goodness, I won't have to use my swags on it. Now, I am kind of kicking myself for buying the new book! I had assumed I would never find it used because it was newly published. So the lesson here is: Never assume you can't get exactly what you want used and cheap, frugalistas. It only makes an ass-out of -u- and -me. Sheesh.