Monday, March 15, 2010

Menu Plan and Deal of the Day

This goofy grin is proof that $1.49 can make you deleriously happy. That is how much I paid for the lovely salmon coloured pashmina I am modelling for you today. I have had many compliments and envious glances while I wear it and to me, it truly shouts, "Spring is here!'
But enough about me. I had planned on posting a photo of tonight's dinner, which, in my cheeky way, I had named, "White Trash Chinese Food". It was your standard handful of this and that vegetable with last night's rice, stir fried with soy sauce and a little bit of love. I had begun spinning out the details of my witty prose in my head and had just taken a stunning photo and was about to upload it when, alas, my camera batteries had other ideas. They unceremoniously died. One of the drawbacks of being cheap is that I always wait until I am utterly without one. single. battery. left in the house before I pony up the cash for more, therefore, all the battery power I wasted taking vain photos of my self in a pashmina could have been used for bloggy zucchini and last night's rice. Oh well.
Here's what we are supposed to be eating this week. This doesn't always go to plan, but at least I try.
Monday-toast, pastrami sandwiches and orange slices, supposed to be Tacos (substituted White Trash Chinese Food, I am so not in the mood for ground beef) yay! Meatless Menu Plan Monday! Except I didn't plan it. Oh well.
Tuesday, PB baked oatmeal (never got to this last week), egg salad, Fish and potato
Wednesday, yogurt smoothies, toast, Irish stew.
Thursday, pancakes, leftovers, Tacos
Friday, cereal, tunafish and crackers, HM pizza
Saturday, froot loops, yes, froot loops. soup and san, leftovers.
Sunday Pork roast and potatoes

Wish me luck. I'll need it.

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Angela said...

I love the photo! What a find, the color is gorgeous. You look so pretty!