Sunday, March 21, 2010

Leprechauns took over my blog! Welcome spring!

I don't know what happened on March 18, but I am going to say that it was those lickety leprechauns! We have had a mild winter this year, and it has been wonderfully pleasant except for the fact that I seemed to have caught every rampant virus that went by. I was sick last week and all my extra activities went by the wayside so that I could reserve my energy for getting well. Needless to say, my housework is a disaster. Oh well, now that I am better, I have all that catch up to look forward to...oh man. I did not get to my planned wardrobe refashioning, however I did stick to my menu plan! It saved me really because I was too ill to think of "what's for dinner" questions, it was all too much for my addled mind. We stayed home and made St Paddy's Day crafts instead. I printed off some free colouring pages and took the time to organize my craft storage tower. We also made spring windsocks using crepe paper streamers and foam plates, they are so pretty blowing in the wind. Now that the craft supplies are in order, I can find what I need when inspiration strikes! Unfortunately, the same can not be said of my kitchen. I need some serious inspiration in there. Today I am trying to get my files and tax things organized and attack the holy hell fire of a mess I have going on in the scullery. I think the leprechauns have been having a heydey in there, I really do. I blame the leprechauns.

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