Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday. Nothing.

That's right I am doin' nuthin'. I'm drinking a coffee and reading blogs and generally having some ME time. Normally I wouldn't post about Nothing, but Seinfeld had a great sitcom about it and it lasted eight seasons so I figure my readers can handle one post on the subject. My family is on a spontaneous vacation. They managed to get a free ride to see my aunts and uncles in Edmonton and I admired their resourceful frugality so much, I helped them pack so I could stay behind for a weekend of serious Nothing. I am doing it right now. See? Nothing. No cooking. No cleaning. No baking. No sewing. Nope. Nothing. I figure other people are doing lots of Somethings and they can carry the load for one measly Saturday. Look here, Disney, (that's her name, isn't that something?) made a bath pouf from an old towel. I love that idea...but I can't do it today, because I am busy doing Nothing. If you really want to read about someone doing Something go here to Kitambaa. I just found out about this lady from a coworker who knows her. She is teaching women to sew and make quilts and textiles so that they can earn money for themselves in Africa. To me, that is the most admirable Something I have heard all day.
Well, that's all the Nothing I have for now. Tune in next time, when maybe I will have Something to blog about.