Saturday, February 6, 2010

February Frugality

We are trying to follow our menu plan and budget more closely again after falling off the wagon at Christmas. This Christmas wasn't too bad because we did not use credit and stayed home which made things a lot more budget friendly. Still, money is money. I also scoured the fliers for loss leaders and those were, for the most part our gifts and groceries. For instance, I finally got a filing cabinet for our "office" (read: closet) which was on clearance during the holidays. I had been wanting one for a while and, while not the most exciting gift ever, now that it is tax time and all my receipts are in one place, I am one darn happy camper. My son was happy with the bike we got on clearance as well! Santa is a good shopper.

I think the best deal I had today was $1.50 off coupon on a 4 litre of milk which made it $3.00. Not too shabby. Especially since we went a little awry on the grocery budget and I had to scrounge change to take advantage of the deal. Oh well, live and learn, I say.

I used my HM croutons on my HM soup today and we had it with HM hummus and an .89 loaf of french bread bought with aforementioned scrounged change. It was a fabulous lunch and I was heartily complimented on what was basically a kitchen sink type of meal. I figure if it gets us through until payday, and tastes pretty darn good, we are doing alright. Now then. Off to invent supper out of the pantry.