Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Tuesday!

I had quite a productive day off today. I made a plan with my son that today would be baking day. Somehow, the first batch of baking has dwindled down some. I thought I had made quite a lot; cake truffles, chocolate covered pretzels, gingerbread, and shortbread and it's nearly all gone! Well, we did have guests and it was nearly two weeks ago, but still...Needless to say, I had to bake more treats and get some more exercise. I decided on fruit bars, (a slightly healthier option with less sugar which my son loves) peach tarts, and butter tart squares with a shortbread crust, delicious! I also wrapped up 12 burritos with the beef and bean filling I left to simmer on the stove yesterday. My place is aromatic to say the least.
I used up the last of my yeast with the last home made batch of bread and forgot to get more at the grocery store. Since I won't be doing any more shopping for quite some time, ( I hope!) I am trying a new experiment: sour dough bread. I began a starter today using the advice I found here. According to this, I should have a decent "sponge" by the time Boxing Day rolls around. We will probably need a fresh batch of bread by then and I have been dying to try sour dough. I love making bread, it sure releases holiday tensions! Oh, I also gave away a tricycle to a very happy lady whom I met from Freecycle. I have gotten so much from this site, it felt great to get a bike to a kid right before Christmas! My son loved that idea, and it's a life lesson I want him to understand as well. We are so fortunate to have all that we have and to be able to share with other like minded folks is so wonderful. If you haven't checked out your local page, I urge you to try it!

Have a very happy winter season everyone. Whatever you celebrate, celebrate it heartily!

Here's to feasting, family, fun and Frugal Findings!

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hiptobeme said...

OK note to self: Sour dough is called that for a reason; because it turns sour. My husband said it smelled like fart. Oh well, live and learn. I could have made it work though.