Thursday, December 17, 2009

Frugal Findings

I decided just this minute to change the title of my blog. I don't know yet how the change will affect my readership, if at all. To be perfectly frank, I don't mind at all either way. I enjoy writing this blog and if anyone else gets something out of it too, well that is just a bonus. Also, at the time that I began, I did not realize that Crockpot is actually a trademark name, like Bandaid or Scott towels. The actual name for that device is a slow cooker and while that is not really the focus of my writing, I decided finally, albeit impulsively, to give it up. Some of my best decisions have been made this way. Let's hope this one is in the same category. Sometimes streamlining is just what the doctor ordered.
I shall continue with my posting in much the same manner, randomly and as inspiration strikes me.
I do hope you will enjoy Frugal Findings.


Bunny said...

Just catching up on my blogroll and saw you'd changed the name - I did, too, but because my focus shifted. Keep it up! We went more frugal a few years back, just in time to NEED it. I really enjoy reading your posts. It renews my own determination.

hiptobeme said...

Thanks Bunny. I needed renewing too. Here's to a simpler 2010 :)