Sunday, October 11, 2009

Homemade Pumpkin Pie

Happy Thanksgiving Canada! Well, it's actually tomorrow and we are having our dinner tomorrow, but I got started on Saturday making pumpkin pies from scratch. Yes, I could have just bought a couple of pies at the grocery store and I have done that many a year, but I still think it is more cost effective, not to mention satisfying, to make your own. I made enough pastry for two shells, a dozen tarts (I used my peach preserves in those, YUM!) and I still have enough pastry in the freezer for another use. Maybe I'll make Pate au Poulet (or, in English, Chicken Pot Pie,) one of our family favourites. I like to practice making pastry as well, it is a skill that I think is good to have.
Here are my unbaked pies. Thank goodness I heeded the advice to shield the pastry edges with foil during the last half an hour of baking, or else indeed, they would have been too dark. They turned out well and await our dessert for tomorrow night.

The peach tarts, however did not make it that long :) 2 boys, 12 tarts, one was "broken", you get the idea...

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