Saturday, October 24, 2009

Feeling Frugal

Well I have been trying to think up creative ways to get what I need and still stay frugal. Hard as I tried, I could not find a decent winter coat in the thrift store for my son. So I bought one on clearance and one size too big instead. I guess that's the next best option and they sort of match the thrifted snow pants I got him, good score. Today was a home day. I tried to catch up on the laundry, dishes and some rest. I finished an online project, my Christmas present for my grandma, a personalized photo calendar. There was an online sale 50% off until Halloween, so I figured I better take advantage of it and get that one scratched off my list. I managed to keep under the $20 dollar limit with the rebate and since we draw from a hat in my family, that's the only present outside of my immediate family that I am obligated to buy and I'm done! I used photos of all of the grand and great grand kids, so I ought to get a lot of bang for my buck. Of course, I usually bend the one present rule to include some other special people and that's where thrifting and imagination come into play. Today my son had a birthday party to go to. Against my better judgement, and with some pleading on his part, I caved and bought a store card instead of having him make one like I usually do. Consider me right back on the frugal wagon! We had purchased the same card as another kid and the birthday child barely had time to look at it. Fortunately, I won out on the recycling of a craft paper bag and some tissue and stickers for the wrappings, which immediately went into the garbage pail within seconds of opening the gift. I'm so glad I didn't spend money on them! Presently I am toasting some homemade croutons and thinking what I can throw together Into the Crockpot. We used up the last of the beef stew that I made oh, four months ago. Time for a restocking of the freezer I'd say.


Angela said...

I am always amazed when people don't keep those gift bags- why don't we all just reuse them and basically pass them around? I haven't bought one new for years...

We're on the same wavelength- I'm making croutons tonight and crockpot tomorrow- I'm going to make a veggie curry- I don't have the ingredients I usually use but I have stuff from the CSA to use up and I think it will be good- potatoes, leeks, green beans, and then I'll add some frozen peas. The sauce is curry paste, curry powder, and coconut milk. Yum!

hiptobeme said...

Sounds hearty!