Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My worldly scholar

The summer is winding down and I, for one, am relieved. I find summer exhausting sometimes! The long days packed with activities and work and beach time, picnics and organizing all the toys and bikes and food...Oi! I am a creature of habit at heart. I enjoy my cosy couch, knitting with a cup of tea and putting a hearty meal Into the Crockpot. You could say I like sweater weather. I have been slowly resigning myself to the fact that the school year will be upon us in a matter of days and that my one and only will be off to kindergarten like the proverbial Pinocchio that he is. I have been on the look out for back to school deals. We decided that he does not need a new back pack, he has two already and the one in better shape is his favourite. Why buy another one? I looked through his closet and he has several pairs of pants. I have been collecting clothes for months in a too large size (clearance sales) so this should get him through the first part of the year. No need to spend more on pants. New shirts were needed, though as all of the summer tees are stained with months of Popsicle juice, beach trips and playing in the sandbox. I looked at the thrift store and found some for three dollars, then I looked at Walmart and found some for...three dollars. New. Glad I kept shopping. The clearance rack had quite a selection of long sleeved tees and I let him choose which designs he liked. We picked out four shirts and a fleece sweater. When I think about the way my son plays in the dirt and gravel and rolls in the grass, paying more than a fin for a shirt seems folly! I found another cool one for $3.50 at A Zellers clearance and it says Peace Rocks in the shape of a guitar. Cute. So, again, I haven't spent a ton on back to school and yet we have all we need. My bargain hunting son even spent his own allowance on a tin Spiderman lunch kit. He already has an insulated cooler bag which I was planning to use again this year, but heck, there is no super hero on it, so we caved. It almost brought a tear to my eye. He loves it, he is so happy and we are well under budget for back to school. Yay.

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Jacquelyn said...

Nice frugal school preparation! Sounds like you did a great job finding what you needed without blowing a bunch of money.