Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Sewing

I like to sew in the summer when it is muggy and hot out. Sometimes I'll make a skirt or some summer item, sometimes I try to make something I need in every day life and use up things in new ways. I am not an expert sewer. I go by guess and by golly. If you like perfectly measured things and step by step sewing instructions, you are reading the wrong blog, my friend. I'm just a Mom, with a sewing machine and basic mending and sewing capabilities. I did make my husband's and my son's vests for our wedding, but that was different story. I had DIY wedding fever then.
Today, I had a couple of old towels, a flannel baby receiving blanket and a half yard of pink butterfly print cotton left over from an smock I made a while back. I am a lady so I won't mention by name what I was fashioning but let's just say that my goal was not so much perfection as it was absorption.
I made two, just to see if I could, though I cut out enough for at least two more. When I think about it though, I have many more recycled fabrics lying around that I could use to this end. Now that I have made the template (from of a cardboard granola bar box), it's just a matter of assembly line sandwiching and sewing of the fabrics. I'll just use them at home, not for going out.
I must say though, it is nice to know I could use these all the time instead of storebought if I wanted to.
Some might think this is too frugal, too gross, too old fashioned. Some might think I shouldn't even talk about such a thing. (I'm hearing an old tape in my head.)
Some might also say that storebought are expensive, full of chemicals and bad for the environment, which also lends itself to an ick factor, in my opinion.
Since this is my blog, my opinion is what you'll get :)
The fact of the matter is, I didn't feel like going out today, especially so the old man at my nearest corner store could fumble, hurriedly, with (yet another) plastic bag, so he could pretend not to notice what I am buying while chatting inanely about the weather. I could have used a chocolate bar, that alone almost made me go to the store, but I made do with the rest of the chocolate chips in the cupboard instead.
It really wasn't about saving money at all, that was just an added bonus.
Besides, Who would know?

Oh right...all you people on the internet...
For shame!

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