Friday, May 15, 2009

Introductions are in order

Hello! It's so nice to be here. I started this blog just because I enjoy writing, reading other blogs and learning how to do things from other wise people who graciously share their inspiring ideas. For instance, recently, I dusted off my sewing machine and thought back to the eighth grade, when I learned how to sew and I made this jean skirt. I had a link in my favourites list for forever to do it and I always thought it would be too complicated, but let me tell you, it wasn't at all. Unfortunately, I did not take a picture tutorial but there are many other people who have. I am proud of this skirt because it did not cost me anything but time, which suits my sensibilities nicely. There are many people trying to cut back and consume less these days, I am not an original. Many of the frugal ways of life were ingrained into me as a child. I grew up raised by a single and resourceful woman and we made it through some pretty lean times. Things like wardrobe refashioning, cooking from scratch, not buying things, that was pretty much my childhood...I find I am revisiting those sensibilities as many people are these days. I got all of the materials for this particular project from freecycle including that beautiful embroidered ribbon trim. As a side note, I do apologize for less than professional quality photography. At this moment, a super fancy digital camera is simply not in our budget. Until I can get our finances under control, (just another possible goal of this blog), my old point and shoot digicam will just have to do.
If you haven't joined your local freecycle community I urge you to do it today. Don't wait, get free stuff now!! Some of the wonderful things I have received are: a patio table, (which was white but I spray painted it lacquer red and now it is the envy of my neighbourhood, at least in my own mind), a fleece sports themed pillow and blanket set for my son, which he loves, many craft items such as; a huge box of yarn and knitting needles, a huge tote full of tassels and trim... so many wonderful things! FREE. If I haven't mentioned it already, I Love Freecycle! Perhaps for my next post I will put up some pictures of my bounty.
For now, though, it is great to be here and I hope to find out more about all of you who may visit me here at Into the Crockpot.