Saturday, September 29, 2012

Waffles n' Caramel.

Hello, what's new? Lots of things are new and different. We are in the middle of the school week rush and the weekend wind down. Work is busy, school is busy, LIFE is busy! So we are good. I am taking guitar lessons for the first time in my life and it is exciting and damned hard work. I have to make myself practice which isn't always easy. I have to motivate myself to drill, but if I want to learn it is what I have to do. I am starting with some folk songs from the sixties so I feel a bit hippyish, strumming away in my living room, but it is relaxing. My neighbours probably don't think so, but you should hear what they do. I don't feel a bit bad about my strumming.  We are getting ready for another trip to see the family for my Grandmas' 90th birthday. I am excited because I am fairly sure the whole family will be there. It's pretty difficult to say work or school is more important that your grandma's 90th!

 I completed a book that I have been working on since the spring, with my family's help. We all contributed answers to fifty questions about family history and with photos and biographies together, it made a spectacular book. It was a lot of work and I stressed about doing it just right. I hope she will enjoy it. I am pretty proud of it.

We are looking forward to some long held goals coming to fruition. It is satisfying when you have completed a goal and then you can set new ones.

I made an amazing, enormous apple crisp at work and served it with ice cream and a drizzle of Bonne Maman caramel.  Oh Em Gee. I bought this sauce on a whim and I think I am in love. It was sooooooooo frickin' good. I was sad to have had to leave the remainder of the jar at work, although that was probably a good thing because I may possibly have licked the jar clean if I hadn't. I highly recommend it. Yum.

My latest thing is my waffle maker. (Must. Buy. Caramel!) I bought a really nice waffle maker and got a bottle of maple syrup free with a coupon. I used to only make waffles at Christmas because they were a pain on my tiny waffle iron/sandwich maker. Now, we have had them twice. I'm sure the novelty will wear off, but right now, waffles rock!

Well, off to enjoy the rest of my Saturday. Later, Dudes.

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