Sunday, September 9, 2012

Autumn Abundance

Just got back from Smokefest and we had an excellent time, as always. This was the ninth year it has been going but only the sixth for me. We ate, we sang and we were merry! My Aunt had me make these jelly salads, which is something I have always wanted to try but just never gotten around to. They turned out fantastic and tasted pretty good too. The peaches against the red jelly sure makes a nice contrast. It was such a fantastic feast, as it is each year. With everyone contributing, it makes it fun and festive, too.
My uncle is in charge of the fish and he gets help to get it ready for the smoker and the grill. Somehow his fish is the most tender, melt in your mouth salmon I have ever had. There is nothing to compare to it. This year, I brought cherries and peaches, which were late this season and they were at the peak of deliciousness. I put some in a fruit salad and some in the jelly salads.
The rest we just ate.  
I also made a batch of peanut butter squares, which were gobbled up. I changed the recipe a bit, as follows: Most of 1 small jar Skippy crunchy peanut butter (2 cups) 1 bag mini marshmallows, 1 cup rice crispy cereal, melt together and pour in the bottom of a 9x13 pan lined with parchment. Melt a half a big chocolate bar from Walmart (about 8 oz) and spread over your peanut butter layer. Put in freezer until firm. Take out the whole block and cut into squares. OMG. So good, and no bake!
I could write a book about Smokefest, and someday, I probably will.

 For now though, the constant battle for organization. My closets are winning and taking over the house. I canned a bunch of apples and made apple butter. I got a baker's dozen jam jars worth. Not bad for free apples! How do you like them apples? (Sorry, I had to.)

I also have become a Watkins associate # 397322! I am the Watkins man! (woman!) I have a separate blog for that so don't worry, I won't turn this into a Watkins home party, though knowing me, my projects tend to overlap, so you may hear a thing or two about it now and then.

School is back in and I'm running like a chicken with my head cut off. It's good to update the blog though. I'll talk to you soon.

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