Monday, November 16, 2009

Mondays, whadareyagonnado.

Today I must be feeling better because I finally see how behind the uh, home maitenance, has gotten while I have been under the weather. The man did his best at holding down the fort, I gotta give him that. Nobody went hungry and we had clean clothes on our back, so kudos to him, kudos indeed. Now that I am running on all cylinders again, I noticed that the oven was so bad it was almost a fire hazard. If one more french fry caught on fire in there, it could be the end for all of us! I'm too polite to discuss the state that my bathrooms were in, here in such a public forum. Yikes!!!
In the past I would have waited until I could purchase a CFC laden chemical bomb at the grocery store; otherwise known as oven cleaner.
Now, I use my two best cleaning friends; baking soda and his awesome chemical reactor buddy, vinegar. Not only are they both always available in my house and cheap as borscht (compared to say, Easy Off), they work great, and not just in the oven. I used the same concoction on my shower floor, too. Now, I am no chemistry major, all I know is full strength white vinegar is a pretty strong acid and the fuzzy baking soda bubbles eat away at grease and dirt while I watch the late show. I also squirt a little dish soap in there while I am at it, what can it hurt? I would certainly feel safer getting traces of my homemade cleaning concoction on my casserole, if I were remiss in the rinsing process, than I would with the chemicals in oven cleaner, egads!
Then, when I am feeling good after laughing all my troubles away, I can get up the nerve to go soak up the mess of all those suppers past with a few recycled rags. Whatever grease and mess doesn't come off the first time probably will come off with some elbow grease after warming up the oven.
If a couple of unsightly marks remain after all is said and done, I remind myself, "Hey, who is gonna look in the oven anyways?" As long as we don't ignite a french fry campfire in there, I am good to go.
I think the refrigerator can wait until next Monday...

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