Thursday, November 5, 2009

Free stuff

I love free stuff. I sign up for free samples, coupons and the like all the time. Just today I received a tampon sample from o.b. in a cutesy little plastic case (which I will use as my emergency purse stash). My son got a free calendar and a cookbook from Wisconsin Cheese. Since this is about the only way he gets mail, it's fun searching the net for free stuff to send him. He is always so surprised when he sees his name on the mail. Some of the best things I have received have been the three free regular size powerbars, free cereal, three bottles of Ensure and now, tampons. My latest fun fad is Hippost. You can upload a photo and send it to whoever you want for free! The advertisers pick up the tab for postage. It takes 7-10 days, and your card will say from Expedia or whoever the advertiser is but, so what? It's cute and fun and a great way to send real cards, not just e-cards. I have been homebound with the flu, hence the slowing down of the posts, but I wanted to share my latest frugal ideas with you.

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Angela said...

Thanks for the tip, and I hope you feel better soon!