Monday, June 25, 2012


 We went camping at Beaver Lake Resort for three nights and it was thundershowers for two of them! We managed to stay relatively dry and had a great time. Here, the boys are on the pedal boat. I swear boys were made for camping, they don't care what the weather is. Me, I better have hot drinks and chocolate and lots of yummy treats or I may start to complain. It's not like we were roughing it or anything but let's just say by Sunday morning, after two nights of rain, I was more than glad to get the heck outta there! Camping always makes me grateful for my warm home. We had company with us and it was a great chance for our son to practice his French as my husband's brother and girlfriend do not speak English. It was a true immersion!
We all managed to communicate just fine. I am sorry to have to report that over the weekend, our beloved fish, Vermillion, who is pictured above, departed this earth. He will be remembered fondly. So, it is back to work and school for the final week and then summer vacation begins for real. Here's hoping the weather improves. My thoughts are with those in the nearby community of Sicamous, who have experienced severe flooding and are on evacuation alert. So scary! I hope that no one is hurt. On a happier note, I noted that the forecast looks warm and sunny for the water slide party, but I made alternate plans, just in case!

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