Friday, January 13, 2012

Goal Setting

Well, I am feeling the desire to set some goals. I always say that I do not make resolutions and it is true because resolutions are hollow. Am I willing to do what it takes to achieve a goal? If not, there is no point in resolving to do things. I know what a slacker I can be, so resolving to lose weight won't do it. I have to make a goal to go walking or join a gym. I have to be very specific, or let's face it, shit ain't gettin' done. I liken goal setting to this garden over here. Plant a seed, tend to it, pull the weeds of negativity, water and wait. Things grow. That's how most of my goals happen, anyway. So, here we go. Here's my list for 2012. I'll try to keep it simple and smart.
1. Finish my Biology course. I am so close I can taste it, but am losing focus and motivation. Need to kick it into gear and put this bugger to rest.
2. Get more work. Actually I have already landed this one and I start  a new gig on Monday. Cool.
3. Purge the closets and cupboards. I need more room.
4. Organize my files. Paperwork lost is money lost.
5.Be more active. Get outside everyday.

EDIT: New goal: Herb Garden!

O.K. That oughta get me through the winter, at least. Here's to accountability.

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