Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Well, here we are, the next few weeks is the show. We do a family thank you night for our nearest and dearest on Sunday, Dec 5th. This will be a great chance to work out the bugs in the show before Opening night on the 8th. I am so excited about this show. We have been rehearsing since October the songs for the month of October, the dialogue blocking and choreography for the month of November and now the big moment is almost here! This show is why I have not been blogging very much. We have been rehearsing up to seven days a week at times and all my thoughts are concentrated upon remembering my lines, dance steps and blocking! So, if all you hear out of my mouth for the next little while is Grease this and Grease that, now you'll know why.
If you don't like it, Fongool! I'm Sandra Dee!

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