Thursday, August 26, 2010

Living on a Prayer.

I don't usually talk about money. That's just how I was raised. We never had any money, so it was best not to talk about it, I guess. Today though, I will talk about money. I live in the now. I am not my past.
I have just been informed by ING Direct, that I am half way to my savings goal of an Emergency Fund! This is so motivating to me. Saving has not been so terribly difficult because I have kept my payments affordable and automatic. Still, there is a part of me that wants to shut me up, lest someone take my meagre stockpile away from me. I wish to be fantastically frugal and not merely miserly and it is my hope to repair my dysfunctional relationship with money and to speak more openly about it. I plan to keep this emergency fund for the next time we need a van repair, or another major expense comes up. They always seem to crop up at the worst possible moment and this time I want to look ahead, just a little. This will free me from having to use credit and thus, in the long run, save me some hefty interest charges. Once I have attained this fundamental step, I can begin to work on my other financial goals. This Emergency Fund is a biggie though, and I am half way there.
My Orange Key is 34802436S1. Just in case you want to start your own Emergency Fund with ING and be referred by me ;)


Laura said...

Emergencies this past month depleted our emergency fund (which we also keep in an ing account) for the second time. I am not going to tell a soul, or even an inanimate object, like our car, this time when the money has been replenished so that hopefully we can keep it in place for more than a month!

Love your blog!

Hiptobeme said...

You're right. I should zip it.