Saturday, January 2, 2010

I do not make resolutions

They are a recipe for failure, in my humble opinion. Resolutions in my experience have been fickle promises, non committal and hastily uttered within the context of remorse and guilty feelings in the wake of the gluttony of the holiday season. They usually go something like this: This year I will lose ten pounds, quit smoking drinking, swearing, gossiping AND I will eat healthily and train for a triathlon before Valentine's day.

Then I roll over and go back to sleep. It's freakin' cold outside.

No, I do not make resolutions. I do, however, have goals. When I have a goal, it is specific, it is something I truly want for myself and my family. Do I truly want to train for a triathlon?Apparently not.
Last February I had a goal to quit smoking. I decided I would do what was necessary to achieve that goal, even if it meant gaining those ten pounds or changing my routines and comfort zones. I am currently eleven months smoke free and have saved $1,875.72 according to my gadget over at the Q. I had a look back at my first post where I made some goals. I am glad to say I have stuck with most of them, with the exception of number five. I sometimes need help with that one. For instance, today my husband reminded me not to buy yet another back pack just because it was cheap and on clearance. We already have what we need, I do not need to consume any more bags. It's tough to break away from that mentality, but I am trying. I put back two items today which saved me at least $15 at the checkout.

Here are my first fledgling frugal goals and an update:

1. Collect coupons

I now have an enviable collection and I am learning how to use them in conjuction with sales to get the most benefit from them.

2. actually take back my refundable drink containers, (well, I sorted them out from my regular recycling anyway)
I made over eight dollars last time, (which I was previously chucking out on the curb, literally throwing away money!) I am just about ready to bring in the holiday horde which goes in the boy's piggy bank, so yay.

3. making things from scratch sometimes, such as bread and yogurt,
This is still going great, made some lovely bread and a big batch of yogurt recently.

4. buying in bulk to reduce unit cost and from the bulk section to reduce packaging (but only items I will really use, I still have relish from last year because no one eats it...)
I did have one bad experience here but for the most part buying generic and bulk is going well.

5. simply not buying things the minute I see them, just for the sake of spending
See above.

So, with all this success, my goal for 2010 is to keep up the good work. I have made significant changes in the last year and I say if it ain't broke don't fix it. I will add one goal to this year because I know it will benefit me, my family and my finances greatly. I really want to accomplish this, too.

That goal is to....drumroll please....

Save an emergency fund of one thousand dollars.

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Bunny said...

Great goal! Mine is to pay OFF the consumer debt this year. Keep your fingers crossed ...